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Joint injections From MXN$1,500

Joint injections are recommended when the damage is not in an advanced phase. Conservative solution to decrease joint pain. I provide individualized treatment.

Knee joint injections

Avoid complications

As an orthopedic surgeon, I will apply medication with the proper technique, ensuring safe and effective results.  The medication choice is based on the patient’s lifestyle, concomitant diseases, and activities.

  • Knee joint injection

  • Shoulder joint injection


  • Certified orthopedic physician

  • Pain reduction

  • Function recovery

  • FDA approved

  • Hyaluronic acid available

Functional recovery
Functional recovery

Testimonials from my patiens

Terms and conditions

  • The base price of $1,500 MXN is per dose of steroid infiltration. The base cost for each dose of hyaluronic acid is $3,000 MXN. The doctor will inform the final cost of the treatment at the consultation.
  • Prices shown on this page are in Mexican pesos and include taxes (IVA).